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26 May 2009 @ 03:50 pm

This rather snuck up on me.  But it's day after tomorrow, and I'll be spinning something besides mash-ups!  Current plans are for a semi-industrial set of windstorm favorites.  Come on by.  Shake your thing.  Get your book signed.  Only $5 if you decide not to buy the book.  That said, the book is pretty entertaining.  (If I do say so myself, given my humble contributions here and there.)

More info on Laughing Squid:


or here:



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These are the details for my DJ gig in New York on Friday:


Taking off for the Big Apple at 10am.  We're getting Bicoastal with it.

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27 April 2009 @ 01:14 am

For whomever isn't on the Fandango List....

How I spent my Saturday morning, by Steve Courtney.  Backstory:  You know the light-up Saturday Night Fever dancefloors we built for Burning Man, and that my old housemate Tom had in his living room?  They somehow ended up in a warehouse in Oakland, and I went to get them this morning, so we can take them back to the desert.


Short version:  We got the dancefloors back.  They will need a little TLC to get them fully operational again, as the wiring looks stomped-on and one of them has the plexiglass halfway popped off.  Oh, and the other one looks like it fell off the back of a truck.
Long version:  I tracked the dancefloors to a warehouse full of Burning Man crap on Treasure Island.  My trusty helper-monkey Kristian had sworn up and down he'd help me with the heavy lifting today, but the last time I saw him he had a bottle of whiskey in his hand and he was at a party in the Mission and it was 2am.  This morning he failed to respond to texts and phone calls.  So I went out there on my own, trusting my luck that the warehouse dude would help me load them into the truck.  (Oh, big thanks to Joho for lending us her pickup for the adventure.)  I get there, and it turns out the warehouse is shared by Peter Hudson, (http://www.hudzo.com/), the guy who did "the swimmers" and "the divers" and that awesome thing last year with the swinging monkeys.  (I think they're called zoetropes?)  So he helped me find the dancefloors and load them into the truck.  There are a bunch of artists sharing the space out there, and none of them even knew what the dancefloors were.  When Peter found out, he began rhapsodizing about the Church of Funk and the stained glass windows of James Brown and how great it was as an alternative to all the "oontz oontz" music out there.  So that was all well and good.

Have you ever gotten back onto 80 from Treasure Island?  You basically go from a stop sign on an on-ramp, bang, right into traffic.  You've kinda gotta jump on it, or risk never getting into your lane.  You see where this is going, right?  I didn't tie the dancefloors down, as I figured they were plenty heavy and wouldn't be sliding around.  And they were *just* too long to shut the tailgate.  

Plexiglass is kinda slippery.  That's all I'm saying.

So I go shooting off into traffic and hear "kathump" and look back and the smaller of the dancefloors is sitting in the middle of the lane on the Bay Bridge.  Traffic is blazing around me at 60mph, and the thought of backing up to get it briefly crossed my mind.  But it's like a 1/4 mile back, and reversing just seems suicidal.  So I do the six-mile long u-turn, where you have to drive into downtown SF before you can whip around and come back the other way on the bridge, and by the time I get back to Treasure Island again, somebody has thrown the dancefloor over the side of the on-ramp, out of the way.  I can see it, but there is no way I can move it myself, as I would have to park on the on-ramp and then haul it, solo, a couple hundred feet.
So I drive into town and go to Cory's.  (Big thanks to Cory for offering to store the dancefloorsuntil Burn-time.  And bigger thanks to him for dropping whatever he was doing to come see if the two of us could save the one that had fallen off the truck.)  Cory and I drive back out to Treasure Island, and go dashing on foot across the on-ramp and along the side of the bridge for a bit, and manage to wrestle the (really quite heavy) dancefloor back onto the highway and back into the truck.  (It's got a crack in the plexiglass now, about six inches long.  It might have been there before, or it might not.  You just can't get good help these days...)  I eased into traffic at a leisurely pace, and we deposited the second dancefloor into Cory's garage without further incident.

This all seemed like a microcosmic version of Burning Man to me.  "Hey, I think I'll go run a quick errand" turned into a couple of wasted hours, and a bit of casual self-endangerment, and a lot of "goddamnit, this is a pain in the ass!"  But it's done.  Cory and I will probably repair the floors this summer, as the event grows closer.  (For his part, Cory is doing the sensible thing and going to m*therf*cking Cancun instead of Burning Man.)

Anyway.  Just thought you'd enjoy knowing that one of the dancefloors spent a little time in the middle of a lane on the Bay Bridge today.

07 February 2009 @ 05:35 pm

2 mile run in Noe Valley.  I think I managed a run on Wednesday, too.


There is a fundraiser (against cancer) this evening at the Anon-Salon Gallery.  Full details behind the cut.  (The short version is that I'm DJing at 11:30, and again at 2am.  I'm expecting the other "real" "tech-house" DJs to look on my humble mashups with scorn and derision.  But I'm hoping the lingerie-clad crowd cares more about bootie-shaking than about DJ "credibility".)


Lots and lots of info, including Freedom Bus shuttle details:Collapse )


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30 January 2009 @ 04:30 pm

2 mile run in Noe Valley.  My f*cking craigslist iPod decided to konk out at exactly the furthest point of my run.

This is a "teaser trailer" for the Audi spot my agency did for this weekend's Superbowl.  There's a long annoying story about dipsh!ts "leaking" advance rough-cuts of the finished spot, so my agency hastily cobbled this together in an effort to minimize the damage.  It's a little hokey, but it's better than having unfinished work out there.  The actual spot won't go live until Sunday.

It's better if you click the "Watch in HD" button, above the number of hits.  The low-rez version is low-rez indeed.


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25 January 2009 @ 02:18 pm

2 mile run in Noe Valley.

Perusing the pages of Terrorizer magazine continues to yield unintentional hilarity.  This month's case in point: a band called "Irate Architect".  I stumbled across their name buried at the bottom of the lineup for some multi-day heavy metal festival in Germany.  

(Please use your best "Sunday-Sunday-Sunday, Monster-Truck-Madness" voice to read the following list...)

Other bands on the bill include:  Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, General Surgery, Purgatory, Dismember, Facebreaker, Hail of Bullets, and good old Impaled Nazarene.  Oh, and "Irate Architect".  Next to this bunch, the name "Irate Architect" strikes me as a particularly flaccid effort.  It's may as well be "Disgruntled Civil-Servant" for all the menace and "bad-assitude" it conveys.  Or "Slightly-Annoyed Mathematician".  By comparison, the next lamest band-name on the bill is "Imperious Malevolence", which I think we can agree pisses all over "Irate Architect" from a very great height indeed.

"Irate Architect".  Hee.


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19 January 2009 @ 05:41 pm
Yesterday:  2 mile run in Noe Valley.  Today:  2 mile run in Noe Valley.

"Trespass" (1992) was Walter Hill's re-take on the themes of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre."  I had all but forgotten about the movie, but Amazon suggested it based on my recent purchase of "Escape from L.A."  It was something I saw in theatres, and I vaguely remembered it being worthy, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Starring Ice T, Ice Cube, Bill Paxton, and William Sadler, (you had to be named "Ice" or "Bill" to be in the cast, apparently) it's considerably better than you might imagine.  While not truly rising to the ranks of "lost classic", it is a worthwhile way to spend a drizzly Saturday afternoon, especially as the plot winds tighter and tighter, and the protagonists get in deeper and deeper.  While the end is visible from a great way off, (must everyone get exactly what they deserve?) it was still well worth the $5 it cost me on Amazon.  

Also of note:  The gangsters have the advantage over the protagonists throughout the film because they have all adopted a new-for-the-time technology:  cellular telephones.  It's amusing to cast a glance back at the era of non-cell ubiquity.  

For some reason this film also made me want to revisit "Judgment Night",  a film I don't recall being any good at all.  That'll be coming up soon on "B-Movie Reappraisals With Steve."


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17 January 2009 @ 02:42 pm

Yesterday:  1.5 mile run in Noe Valley.  

Rhino Records have compiled a box-set of Jesus & Mary Chain b-sides and rarities that I've been actively coveting for several months now.  (Check out the product video on Amazon to see the impressive job they've done with the packaging and bonus features.)  I went ahead and ordered it today, finally, as a reward for beginning to get my taxes in order.

Of course I already own roughly 75% of the material in the set, since they had previously put out three other b-sides compilations.  ("Barbed Wire Kisses", "The Sound of Speed", and "Hate Rock & Roll".)  But I own some of those on vinyl, and blah blah blah.  I would have bought it weeks ago if it had been more "essential".

Some folks have asked me if I've abandoned Livejournal.  This is not the case, although I have let it lie fallow for several months.  The reasons for this are several.  One is that Facebook provides a much speedier, lower-involvement method of checking in with your friends over the course of the day.  (I was resistant to Facebook for ages, but I've given up.  At least it's not MySpace.)

The other reason is that I think it's the job of an online journal to entertain.  If I'm not posting something that is conceivably of-interest to another human being, I don't believe I should be writing.  (Yes, I know, you can do whatever you want with your own journal.  Knock yourself out.)  And as boring as I know it reads, my life has been consumed by work as of late.  And I'd rather not write about being slammed at work unless I have something interesting to say about it.  There's not much I can think of that is as dull as reading other people whine about how busy their jobs are, except perhaps listening to people expound at length about their medical procedures.  (Or their taxes.  See above.)  So I have been dormant on the Livejournal front.

Work is easing up, somewhat, so perhaps this will lead to a new era of postiness.  We'll see.

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03 December 2008 @ 09:35 pm

Oh, hey, I went to the kickboxing gym yesterday.  

Bootie, December 13, 2008
Originally uploaded by Malderor

We're taking over the upstairs lounge at Bootie again.

Its Bootie! Yep, the folks of Fandango are taking over the upstairs lounge at Bootie on December 13th. There will be decor, Fandango djs(Steve and Steve-O), and holiday cookies produced by the Fandango Ladies Auxillary. In addition, you get all the fun of a holiday party thrown by Adrian and Mysterious D! We will no doubt get some sort of "get in free or cheap" word, so watch this space for more information next week.

I might add that I'll be playing a (much) longer set than I did on the main floor a couple of months ago. I'll probably tag-team some with Adrian and D, too. Also, we will be debuting some brand-spanking new "Bootie Exclusive" mashups, put together by CW and John-John.

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31 October 2008 @ 12:16 am

2 mile run in Noe Valley.  Work has been taking most of my time (and many of my weekends) and I seem to have lost my discipline for working out.  It's been almost a month since I did anything at all.
This delights not me.

Recently the band "Hatebeak" came to my attention.  It's a death metal/grindcore band, fronted by a parrot:


Yes, seriously, a bird.  (Am I the last one on the internet to see this?)

And, in the same vein, here's a (militant vegan) grindcore band fronted by a pair of rescued pitbulls.




While neither of these bands would qualify as "good", it is interesting that they're out there.  And I wonder if they would be there if there was not an internet to offer them a potential audience?


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